Photos by Brian Finnegan.

Film photography is still my first true love. Burning physical light onto film negatives is so much more rewarding than the binary 1's and 0's of digital images. I don't overshoot and and hope for the best. I only have a certain number of frames, therefore each frame I expose counts. I take my time and make sure everything is as perfect as it can be before that shutter fires.

I’ve been shooting film for over a decade, and have been a professional studio photographer for 8 years. I love how film can be a character in it's on way. The imperfections, the surprises, the light leaks, the bad advances. Even the tiny bits of dust particles that show up on the scans sometimes. Each picture is it's own being. Its own moment in time, unplanned factors and all.

I think of my subjects as not only the focus of my frame, but greatest tool my frame has. I don't only take a photo of you, I take a photo with you.