A Dive / by brian finnegan

I honestly never thought I'd be doing this. Talking so openly about my photography. Sharing and offering my photography on such a personal level. This is a new road for me. I've been shooting families and children as a day job in my studio for years. I've been doing it for so long it's a routine, a shtick. I have my jokes, I have my poses, I have my voice. 

Shooting film on my own is something I've always done, but never as a routine or a job. Shooting film has never been 'work' for me. I love it too much to consider it work. But when I starting getting some inquiries from people asking me to take their picture, I was a little stunned and speechless. It took me about a week to really think about if I wanted to start offering my services and how to do so.

But then I started to get excited. I always want to shoot. I want to use new film. New cameras. Every roll is a chance. A chance to create something that has never existed. I want to experiment and play and produce beautiful images that make you stare. Would you like to help me take this dive?